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Anger is my fuel now
I used to look
towards love and trust
but in a moment they were taken

All I have now
is the pity of others
which imminently
fuels more anger

Pain is undesired
so I leave no room for it
life gives you what you
are meant to have

I hate life
for bringing me up
in a time where
only the popular survive

I have none
so what is there to lose
if I am to die
then let it be done with

Pity, friendship, all
now fuel my anger
and I want none
anger holds my immortality

I am a dormant soul
and when my life
is extenguished
no one will feel pain

All who pretend
to know me, who
laugh with and at me,
they all know nothing

They who laugh now
will laugh too
when the imminent
end is near

Either they will survive
to laugh again
while I lie alone
in my shallow grave, or

I will survive
with no one to laugh
because I am the original outcast
and i run with only my anger

Jason Reid

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