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Ok people you have seen my site you have read my poetry so i figure i at least owe you a look into my the way this is my second web page..and im learning as i go if something isnt as cool as it could be its because i only know alittle bit of what i am doing......

NAME: Jason Reid

AGE: 16

BIRTHDAY: 6-1-84

FAVORITE COLOR: My favorite color is black

SIGN: Gemini

EYE COLOR: Sky/Baby Blue

HAIR COLOR: Some where in between brown and blond

HEIGHT: 5'8"..yeah yeah i know im short

HOBBIES: Poetry,Chess, Listening to the radio, Flirting with girls..

FAVORITE KINDS OF MUSIC: Alternative, Rap, R&B, Classical, Oldies..because i know the words to some, i listen to some Country too

What would be the best way to describe me... ok everyone knows someone who has to be the life of the party the center of attention and someone who doesnt talk much and is often silent and shy... well when you put those to kinds of people together you have me... I like to make jokes and make people laugh... i enjoy smiles i dont have a perfect one myself but it isnt the worst... the camera definitely doesnt like anyways thats me in a nutshell...

I am not one who sets goals but i have my few...

  1. Graduate high school
  2. Get the dollar bills yall
  3. Find a female I can connect with...emotionally,physically and all that...yall know what I'm talking about
  4. Convince my friends not to dawdle in my right what are friends for anyway if not to
Heres a few pics of me...

ARMY JROTC uniformI'm on the far leftOk it was temporary just