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Rain falling down
bringing grief to all who feel
adding a disguise to the light
just a gleam but its enough

The light bringing on love
only to bring pain
the light is always there
in the pouring rain and to the end

A dove flying over catches a glimpse
and suddenly falls
pursuing a dream
and finding a nightmare

Through it all
the light glares
and leads you off your path
but to all it is an escape

It brings you all, pain, love and dreams
only to take them away
as soon as you feel at home

Its as sand falling
through your fingers
slipping into oblivion
as you hang on you realize

Like all things
it doesn't matter
because life continues
though always protested

As silk is smooth
so does the light gleam
drawing the most desperate
to its deadly coils

Desire is great
it is unforgiving
the temptress will spare no one
so beware of false dreams

Jason Reid

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