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Dazed, confused, disgusted
I watch as if from
a million miles away
and all I can think is why?

I see her body laying there
broken, torn, and bloody
and I wonder how is
she alive after all this

I try to keep her
still and calm but
shock has overtaken
and she won't listen

Efforts to help
bringing only more pain
and anguish to her
so all we could do was wait

I still hear the screams
of pain and of fear
mingling together in an
evil and deafening sympony

Seeing the blood as it climbed her hair
made me stop and think about life
how fragile it is that in less than a minute
it can be taken never to be returned

I still see her body
flying lifelessly through
the air and I know
how close she came

The stench of death was great
I could see his breath close to her
but it wasnt her time and a few friends
fought him away with their presence

So lucky that she lives
all who know her thank God
and as we all pray she
slowly returns to normal

In me the horror still lives
for all time i will see it
but the joy of seeing her alive
will live longer than that

Jason Reid

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