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Swiftly, and beautifully
it comes in like a hawk
and as a hawk destroys its target
the heart is left ravished

The untouched, unloved, and unhurt
are it's targets for
it is they who lust for
it's return and fulfill it's desires

Those left in the wake
of this beautiful plague
are left only to long
for it's return

Trying to tame the untamable
and master the unmasterable
but in the end all efforts are irrelevant
because always it disappears and leaves only pain

Some say it is better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved
but in either, there will
always be an emptiness

Like a dangerous sport
it is great to be a spectator
and to fantasize of doing it
but participation brings only pain

So repetitious it is
that it is predictable and yet unpredictable
at the same time, like a winding road
knowledge of a curve is of no importance

Even when you know
that there will be a curve
you'll never know where
or when to expect it

So confusing, painful,
deceptive, and complex
that most would never feel

Jason Reid

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