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Driven, torn, despised
downcast, outcast, hated, exiled
all toward one who has done nothing
that fact is his downfall

Looked up to by some
for the simplest tasks
and looked down upon by all
for the most difficult

The sight of him
revolting, shocking, intriguing
beautiful and all at the
same time puzzled and complex

Is suicide an option
the sin of all sins
escape from and to a certain hell
exile from joy love and heaven

Love is unknown to him
pain regret and missed opportunities
are his only friends
but what friends of betrayal

His life as complex as a circle
simple at first glance
but studied
there is no certain begging or end

His life like a rose
both beautiful and deadly
the beauty of the bloom
luring victims to feel the prick of his thorns

The constant ache
the constant pain
relief comes in but one form

Jason Reid

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