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For All Time

Her hand gently reached for mine
and without hesitation went the object of her desire
till at long last in each other it
was the everlasting love that we both did find,

Her eyes shone of the twilight stars
and the wind ever so gently blew her hair
my chilled body was filled with love's everlasting warmth
and it was known to all at love's first embrace,

Never soon enough do we meet
when it is to soon to part
and for longer than forever
she will claim a piece of my heart,

The beauty of her face body and mind
combined defy natures every law
and only the Lord himself
could perfect the joining love of our souls,

when her name is mentioned my heart skips
and just as the birds fly south from their eternal longing
my heart yearns for her love and could accomplish
all of her innermost desires just for the beauty of her smile,

With the passion of Romeo and Juliet
and the obsession of a mad scientist
I persue her love and affections
in the place of tragedy and hurt there will be love and joy,

Every feature carved so perfectly
that DA Vinchi couldn't sculpt nor
Michelangelo paint a piece of art
close to her radiance of beauty,

And from the very beginning of time to the utter
and complete end never shall anyone nor anything
come so close to perfection except the lord
so lives our love for all time.

By Jason Reid

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