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Angel in Disguise

He came down from Heaven
Like an angel in disguise.
It wasn't so slow
That I treated him like a prize.

He told me I had a nice voice,
Nothing more could I ever ask for.
He had the sweetest personality,
Now I see why I always want more.

He treats me like a Godess-
Keeps me safe from harm.
It's like he is my angel-
My angel in disguise.

I want to have him near me.
I want to have him home.
I want to be his one
Calling on the phone.

He listens to my problems,
He tells me what he thinks.
He's always there to listen,
He doesn't even blink.

If I could have a hero,
One of any shape or kind,
I would want his name to be Jerry
And I would want to call him Mine.


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