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All feel sorrow for the weak, poor
and some have sorrow for the hurt
but who has sorrow for the outcast
who is hurt and weak and overlooked

Negligence by peers drives him
into psychosis which unnoticed
continues until the point of total annihilation
which comes from lack of admiration

When he becomes suicidal
his life passes quickly before his eyes
full of hate and sorrow without pity
full of games and groups he was denied

Viewed as a nuisance but only obscure
in all other eyes he speaks only nonsense
he remembers all this as his
noose tightens around his neck

His body can be healed
but no nourishment heals his heart
his heart is like the world during nuclear war
which is always followed by nuclear winter where there is nothing

His pain is oppressed and omitted
until he is mentally destroyed
his life a never-ending downward slope
until his feelings are snuffed and he is smote

Jason Reid

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