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As i sit back and
watch the world go by
I am left to myself
and have time to think

Societies come and gone
all are the same
endless toil and work
in hopes of a better future

Society is like an ocean
where currents reign supreme
the main being called normal
and all others are quickly assimilated or destroyed

War peace and poverty
riches famine and nourishment
all things of contradiction
and each age passes in the blink of an eye

Nothing being of importance
in the present age until its gone
and only vaguely remembered
like a puzzle societies of new will try to solve

Kindness is power
knowledge is irrelevant
in the end you are remembered
by the size of your heart

Pain is imminent
but not everlasting
in the end it is gone
to be replaced with love

Love knows no bounds
it is everlasting
age life and death together
cant restrain it

Limitless is its license
and it can bring pain joy
and all of your desires
and only greed can destroy it

All things are not equal
some have advantages and
that makes them seem better
but in the end death becomes them all


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