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For You

The words I whispered softly in your ear,
with your hand in mine and our bodies close,
said so quietly that only you can hear,
then backing away to glimpse beauty that pales any rose.

For your smile i would gladly do flips,
would do anything to see into your heart,
or just to slowly kiss your lips,
and feel as though we could never part.

I would gaze deep into your soul,
by way of your beautiful eyes,
while through flowers we would roll,
and ponder together the mysterious sky.

For you to surrender completely,
and become one with me,
for me to taste your lips so sweetly,
our love displayed for all to see.

To be with you is my one wish,
I would give you all the worlds treasures,
anything you require for just one kiss,
for my love for you can reach all measures.

Jason Reid