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The subtle human brain,
Thinking of evil persuasions.
Persuasions only a fool would fall for,
A fool of mortal being.

The being so slow to consider,
To rethink the plot of the devil.
A small persuasion now to be large,
Largely confusing all of its listeners.

Listening to the rasp in his voice,
Speaking words of everyone's wanting.
A world with no cost,
A world with no law.

Complete chaos now surrounding,
Choking the air of the young.
Killing us slowly but surely,
All to die in a matter of time.

The time now shortens,
Less time for corrections.
Corrections much needed,
Needed for our sad human race.

Our pitiful pleasures,
Now our greatest fears.
Our fear now surrounding us.
Blinding our beautiful vision.

The vision of freedom,
Now almost never there.
Less and less we think of each other,
Rambling about with pure hatred.

By: Darci Botts

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