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these poems were all written by me..(Jason Reid) i would apprciate your comments good and brutal...thank you
The Thinker Beer 12 A.M. A Friend OutKast Decision A Poet
Betrayed Anger Always There Christmas Crushed Alone Exile
Enigma King Escape From Torture Despair Escape Desire Equal
Dreams For All Time Society's Making Without You We Real For You
Only Human Insolent Despair Intaken Eyes Shattering Angel R5C5 R5C6 R5C7
Until the Stars Fall R6C2 R6C3 R6C4 R6C5 R6C6 R6C7
R7C1 R7C2 R7C3 R7C4 R7C5 R7C6 R7C7
R8C1 R8C2 R8C3 R8C4 R8C5 R8C6 R8C7